Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024
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Welcome to igor.net!

Here you can find a few online games, some downloads, and a couple of experiments and photos. Everything else that has been here will either be put up later or is gone for good...

An update! (03-06-2002)
The projects page is finally online.

Games Downloads Experiments Photos Me
Igor's Knight Run
Fill a whole checker board with knights. Sounds easy? Well...
A Mouse Cursor for Windows.
Flash: A toy with eyeballs following your mouse cursor.
Bilder allgemein
My digital shoebox.
What I'm currently working on (or not).
Igor's Puzzle 2
A slider puzzle with several themes.
Me as a Half-Life model. You'll need Half-Life for that.
Flash: Like the real ministeck, just on-screen.
Toskana 2001
Not your average holiday pictures, some impressions from Tuscany.
More about me
(Coming soon, promise!)
Igor's Memory
My first Javascript game, it worked already with Netscape 2.0!
Bug me.